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        Marketing Specialists For Sub-Institutional Hedge Fund Managers

       FACT: 89% of all hedge funds fail to reach $100 million in AUM.
       FACT: 81% of hedge funds with less than $100 million AUM have no marketing process.

         The #1 reason why most new and sub-$100 million AUM managers fail to raise assets:

                                              BAD MARKETING

                              Inappropriate, Inadequate, Ineffective & Inconsistent 


As a point of fact, a solid, holistic grasp of REAL marketing is mandatory before any fund begins a dedicated effort to raise assets. Commitment, ownership, control and leadership of the marketing process is required to continually leverage mission critical assets on an enterprise-wide basis for consistent high-level execution to raise assets.
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A critical point of competitive differentiation for us is consultative candor. Candor, in the form of accurate information, direct answers and clear solutions, is the catalyst for fast action. With candor a new or smaller fund can get to the source of problems quicker, solve them faster and operate better. Lack of candor is a killer to success. Candor fosters clear communication, accountability and creative conflict, which leads to consistent high-level performance and exceptional results. We do not operate without it nor should any new or smaller manager.

Our 30+ years experience, unique proprietary resources and relationships uniquely qualify us to help sub-institutional funds meet the challenges, requirements and cost of marketing by marketing process development, implementation and execution.

                                                The Bottom-line: We Deliver "Marketing Alpha".

             Marketing for a new or smaller hedge fund is completely different than for a larger or more-seasoned fund.

Most new and smaller funds do not engage the RIGHT investors and intermediaries given the fund profile, they "chase institutional unicorns" and fail to perform the RIGHT strategic and tactical actions the RIGHT way. This all culminates with inappropriate, inadequate, ineffective and inconsistent marketing execution leading to chronic failure raising assets.

          It takes consistent, high-level marketing process execution for a new or smaller fund to raise assets.

We deliver an experienced, "no-nonsense", focused, structured and disciplined research-based marketing process, that provides the fund-specific answers, strategies and solutions, which deciphers the nuances and complexities of raising assets to save TIME, MONEY and EFFORT designed to enable consistent, high-level marketing process execution.

Our approach and process optimally prepares and positions a new or sub-$100 million AUM fund for efficient, effective and expedient step-by-step marketing process execution to meet the challenges and requirements of raising assets in a hyper-competitive, highly-selective and stringent allocation climate. We ensure the RIGHT infrastructure, resources and presentation skills are firmly in place for the efficient identification of the RIGHT investors given the fund profile supported by effective communication and RIGHT qualitative/quantitative engagement with select investors, intermediaries, allocators and distribution channels to achieve optimum visibility, increased awareness to form and nurture the RIGHT relationships, which are the catalysts to raise assets. This is "Marketing Alpha".                                         

Plainly, "Marketing Alpha" is now a business necessity for new and sub $100 million AUM managers but clearly it is not common practice. The vast majority of new and smaller funds have the false belief that raising assets is simply a matter of delivering investment performance, attending a few conferences and posting return data to popular databases.

The truth is investment performance and returns only bring a level of attention, which rarely results in allocations. Investors are now more skeptical, idiosyncratically demanding and stringently selective. As such, raising assets for a start-up or smaller fund demands a enterprise-wide commitment to "Marketing Alpha".


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