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Who We Are

Johnson & Company is a global hedge fund marketing specialist for start-ups, first-time funds, emerging managers and sub $250 million AUM hedge funds. Since 2010, we have helped 200+ funds make informed marketing decisions by understanding the critical aspects of raising assets in a hyper-competitive, highly-selective climate.

Start-ups, first-time funds, emerging managers and smaller hedge funds come to us for coaching, advisory and guidance when they wish to increase marketing efficiency, effectiveness and success raising assets. We use rigorous quantitative and qualitative research to provide crucial information, insight and information on the key drivers and catalysts required for consistent, high-level marketing execution raising assets.

As a hedge fund marketing advisory firm, our expertise and singular focus is providing "MARKETING ALPHA"
to help build, implement and execute "intelligent marketing processes" to raise and retain assets.

We are the ONLY firm strictly dedicated to providing the crucial "Intelligent Marketing" start-ups, first-time funds, emerging managers and sub $250 million AUM funds need to meet the challenges of raising assets.

We have the experience, knowledge and relationships needed to objectively evaluate a small hedge fund's marketing infrastructure, capabilities, skills and overall approach to address the
Strategic, Tactical and Financial challenges to then build a clear, fund-specific step-by-step "intelligent marketing process".

We make certain each client is engaging in the RIGHT activities and consistently executing the RIGHT actions to engage the RIGHT investors and intermediaries. Every strategic and tactical strategy, every skill and each piece of information, insight and intelligence we deliver is the result of rigorous qualitative and quantitative research to promote effective marketing and efficient fundraising for smaller hedge funds.


We are the prime intelligent interface to help start-up and sub $250 million AUM funds with marketing and fundraising.

We are the source of marketing, fundraising and operational information, insight and intelligence for small hedge funds.

We know exactly "WHAT IT TAKES", "WHAT WORKS" & "WHAT DOESN'T" for a small hedge fund to raise assets.


  • We have 20+ years of frontline marketing and fundraising experience within alternative investments.
  • We deliver objective, conflict-free advisory services to small hedge funds from start-up to $250 million AUM.
  • We offer expert guidance, crucial resources, strategic insight, tactical assistance, experienced answers and clear marketing solutions to small hedge funds.
  • We provide the basis for expedient, effective, efficient high-level marketing execution.  
  • We combine rigorous analysis of high integrity data, extensive research and consultative candor with proven qualitative and quantitative methods to help small hedge funds with marketing and raising assets.
  • We deeply understand the highly-idiosyncratic, intermediated and fragmented nature of marketing alternative assets.

As an experienced advisor, we optimally help small funds avoid costly or catastrophic mistakes while reducing marketing costs, minimizing risk and maximizing marketing effectiveness to optimize efficiency raising assets.

We are un
compromising about our convictions, values and ethics. We bring strong opinions and a passion for saying what we believe based upon thorough research, examination of high integrity data and deep experience. Our candor is a reflection of who we are and a central component in the ability of a small fund to succeed marketing and fundraising.

The ROI on our services is unmatched. The tangible benefit is reduced marketing expense and better use of limited financial resources to enable consistent marketing effectiveness and fundraising efficiency.

The essence of what we do is efficiently, expediently and economically steer a clear course for each client through an increasingly complex, hyper-competitive and demanding marketing climate.

  • Our Skill: The ability to cut through noise and separate marketing myths from reality and fundraising facts from fiction.
  • Our Value: The capacity to save small hedge funds TIME and MONEY by expediently, efficiently, effectively and economically delivering fund-specific marketing and fundraising information, insight and intelligence.
  • Our Strength: The capability to help small hedge funds make the RIGHT decisions, select and acquire the RIGHT resources, execute the RIGHT strategies, build and maintain the RIGHT relationships, reach the RIGHT investors and intermediaries as well as select the RIGHT service providers and partners.
  • Our Promise.To provide each client with conflict-free marketing and fundraising information, insight and intelligence.
  • Our Goal. To increase the marketing effectiveness and fundraising efficiency of each client.
  • Our Commitment. To help each client implement "intelligent marketing processes".

                                    WE DELIVER "MARKETING ALPHA".

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