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Alternative Investing and The Private Wealth or Institutional Investor

The appeal of alternative investing (hedge funds & private equity) has not diminished. In fact, the desire of substantive investors to allocate to the most-accomplished and talented alternative investment managers to achieve uncorrelated returns, portfolio diversification, wealth creation or capital preservation in a climate of unprecedented volatility has only increased.

The opaque nature, number (8,000+) of alternative investment firms, the diversity and complexity of strategies, scandal, greater regulatory intervention, lack of education and understanding have all contributed to increase the difficulty and challenges in the candid assessment of alternative investments as well as the identification and evaluation of accomplished alternative investment managers who deliver true sources of “alpha”.
With the proposed lifting of hedge fund advertising and solicitation restrictions via the JOBS act, existing and new investors as well as intermediaries may be inundated by new marketing approaches and literature replete with promises of supplemental wealth creation and protection, uncorrelated returns, low volatility and the diversification benefits offered by hedge fund investing as well as individuals and firms desiring to “sell” alternative investments. However, successful participation in the complicated area of alternative investing is significantly more difficult and less transparent than traditional investment options such as mutual funds, ETFs or individual securities. 

Johnson & Company exclusively provides acute information, insight and intelligence regarding alternative investing to private wealth, institutions and consultants. We have 20+ years of operational and investment experience within alternative investments, which includes hedge funds and private equity, having served as principal and agent to over $3 billion in alternative assets as well as expert consultant and witness to some of the largest investors. We invest the time and resources deciphering alternative investments to help investors and intermediaries understand “it”, which facilitates intelligent and prudent decisions whether to invest in “it”. Our dynamic and intuitive research in tandem with our consultative candor keeps the investor on top of critical factors that may impact investment performance.

We efficiently differentiate the exceptional from the mediocre, distinguish the ethical from the fraudulent, evaluate "best-of-breed" services and develop "best practices". Among our most valuable assets are the skills to separate alternative investing myth from reality, fact from fiction and deliver that knowledge with consultative candor expediently, efficiently, effectively and economically.

In the instance a wealthy individual or family is evaluating alternative investing, the one word that best describes such an investor is idiosyncratic. We acutely understand that each individual and family has inherent uniqueness. The magnitude and complexity of issues faced by the wealthy individual or family cannot be overstated. Understanding personal and family dynamics is a critical aspect in how we work. As such, the depth of our involvement is driven by the unique knowledge base, set of wealth needs and personal demands of each investor. Whether a seasoned or new entrant to alternative investing, we stand prepared to help each navigate the unchartered or unfamiliar waters of alternative investing by providing an experienced, professional perspective, greater transparency, acute insight, intelligence and education.  

We are agnostic about the allocation or investment decision. We are NOT a broker-dealer, sales organization and do not engage in the sale of securities or management of portfolios nor receive transaction-related compensation such as commissions. Such activities would create conflicts of interest and prohibit the delivery of purely objective answers and solutions. We are consultants. It is NOT our goal or focus to get any client to “buy”.

Our initial objective is to help an investor ascertain the suitability and appropriateness of alternative investing given their objectives. If an affirmative decision to add alternative investments as a component of their asset allocation is reached, we can provide continual education, while concisely explaining investment options, strategy, performance expectations and manager assessment. If desired, after an investment has been made, we can vigilantly monitor the allocation to keep the investor abreast of important issues related to performance, return realization and other key business issues.

January 2013 - Caveat Emptor! Operational Risks at Hedge Funds Hedge Fund
Manager Evaluation in a Climate of Fear, Volatility, Uncertainty and Doubt.

We welcome the opportunity to share our information, insights and intelligence about critical aspects of successful alternative investing. Most importantly, we strive to help each investor achieve their investment and wealth goals. To that end, we periodically offer to select investors and organizations the opportunity to receive our research. In addition, we frequently host hyper-focused, unsponsored private investor meetings and conferences.
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