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Who We Are

Johnson & Company is a global hedge fund marketing specialist for new and sub-$100 million AUM hedge funds.

Since 2011, we have helped 400+ funds make informed marketing decisions by understanding the critical aspects of raising assets in a hyper-competitive, highly-selective and stringent allocation climate.

New, first-time funds, emerging managers and smaller hedge funds come to us for advisory and guidance when they wish to increase marketing execution efficiency and effectiveness to consistently succeed raising assets.

We combine 30+ years of frontline experience with rigorous quantitative and qualitative research to provide crucial information, insight and intelligence on the key drivers and catalysts required for consistent, high-level marketing process execution, which is the basis for success raising assets.

As a hedge fund marketing specialist firm, our expertise and singular focus is providing "MARKETING ALPHA"
to help build, implement and execute "structured, disciplined and focused marketing processes" to raise assets.

We are the ONLY firm strictly dedicated to providing the crucial "Marketing Alpha" new, unknown and sub-institutional traders, managers and funds need to meet the challenges of raising assets in the post-Credit Crisis/Madoff climate from stringently selective investors.

Our experience, knowledge and relationships enable evaluation of a new or smaller hedge fund's marketing infrastructure, capabilities, skills and overall approach to address the key
challenges required to REFINE, PERFECT and OPTIMIZE a fund-specific step-by-step "marketing process" for consistent, high-level execution.

Plain and Simple: Our approach and process makes certain a new, unknown or smaller manager/fund has the "RIGHT" structured, disciplined and focused MARKETING PROCESS to consistently execute the RIGHT activities and actions to engage the RIGHT investors and intermediaries in the RIGHT manner required to raise assets.


  • We have 30+ years of frontline marketing and fundraising experience within alternative investments.
  • We deliver objective, conflict-free services to new, unknown and small hedge funds from start-up to $100 million AUM.
  • We offer expert guidance, crucial resources, strategic insight, tactical assistance, experienced answers and clear marketing process solutions to new and smaller hedge manager/funds.
  • We provide the basis for expedient, economical, effective and efficient high-level marketing process execution.  
  • We combine high integrity data and consultative candor with proven qualitative and quantitative marketing methods to help new and smaller hedge managers/funds raise assets.
  • We deeply understand the stringently-idiosyncratic and highly-intermediated nature of marketing alternative assets.
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